Hassle-free Virtual Engagement

This will help students to learn online through an easy-to-use virtual classroom setup

Student Rewards

learning would get your rewards and recognition. You can get a chance to win Laptops and smartphones based on your performance

Library Management

Access over 1000 ebooks and top videos complied specifically for all our students

eLearning course

Prepare your self before the class. Now learn in hybrid environment. Access to your courses recording and videos of lectures. 

About Us


AAFT offers globally-accepted standards of media education in the field of Film Making, Journalism, Performing Arts, Advertising, Acting, Interior Design, Dance, Digital Marketing, Animation, and Fashion Design. Its technically-advanced, flexible, and collaborative learning environment fosters a free flow of creative ideas, thought processes, and perspectives. AAFT as an industry pioneer gives direction to its students to grow as a professional, handle things with responsibility, and produce artwork that has a major impact on our communities, our society, and the world.

Grades and exam operation system 
Get access to the exam, grades, ID cards, Daily timetable, live class link



Student's Corner 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Anirudh Sharma

The thought of an impending lockdown had us all worried about how we'd keep up with the studies but this site really put our worries to rest. I appreciate not just the abundance of resources on it but also the easy to use interface that has been quite easy to understand. This so far has been nothing short of a great experience and I thank everyone for working behind the curtains to make that happen. Bless this Immunity.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Aryan Anand

Learnzilla has been a great companion throughout the ups and downs of this lockdown. The feeling of socializing and learning in an unexplored way is a beautiful experience.
A big thank you to our hardworking faculty and staff for keeping us from getting lost in the void.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Aayush Sharma

During pandemic, everything was slowing down including education, and most of the students were worried about the entire year. That's when we were introduced to Learnzilla. Learnzilla interface truly feels like a classroom with everything we need at just the right place. It was an easy mode of being in touch with our subjects whether it is related to receiving notes from teachers or keeping track of our own attendance and missed online lectures, Learnzilla provided with all.